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Our mission is to empower the students by offering high quality and innovative nursing educational program in a caring environment coupled with the outstanding clinical and community resources. We are convinced that there is no better choice than M.V.M Suma Institute of Nursing Sciences for nursing aspirants.

At M.V.M Suma Institute of nursing Sciences, we believe in building on our commitment to excellence in nursing education. Our institute is dedicated for preparing competent and resposiblr practitioners who were committed to service and leadership as professional nurses.


The Institution is open to all students irrespective of caste, creed and color. The aim is to foster young saplings into healthy sweet-smelling blossoms, to enable toddlers to grow into a balanced, concerned humane individual who have the potency of character to conquer social, communal and provisional intolerances. Our endeavor is to try hard for distinction in each field; not only to accomplish excellence but also to keep up it.


M.V.M Suma Institute of Nursing sciences is an Institution run by the MVM Suma Education Trust, a registered organisation. This trust administered by the Chairman Mr. M.V.Muniraju, Managing Trustee Mrs. Mangala Bharathy, Treasurer Mr. Y.N. Sreenivasa and other directors. The trust is paying attention to serve the public by establishing all types of educational institutions including primary, secondary & higher secondary schools, colleges, medical and para medical.