MVM Suma Institute of Nursing Sciences has all the modern facilities that is an integral part of a school that caters to the needs of higher education in health sciences.

Fundamental Lab

Nursing is an art and science that needs a lot of practice. The fundamental lab is the practical area for the students where they acquire the necessary skills in the medical meadow. The faculty uses the lab for various demonstrattions for procedures in Nursing. Our spacious laboratory is well equipped with trail doll, patient simulator, cardio - pulmonary recovery dummy, hand simulator, etc,. It is totally similar to an ideal hospital setting. Here theory comes to practical. students are trained to work together with the latest equipments under critical circumstances in the nursing profession. A well experienced team of tutors are available to meet the needs of the students and provide valuable information.

Nutritional Lab

The Nutrition Laboratory is where the students learn to prepare regular and remedial diets. Students are taught to prepared different categories of demonstrations for health education connected to nutrition and diet healing. under the supervision of qualified dietitians they learn to prepare normal and curative diets for a variety of ailmentswithout trailing nutrients. students also use this lab to prepare different types of displays necessary to carry out various health instructive campaigns.


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