Nurses, Earn while you Learn

Medical transcription needs no introduction. It is one of the highly paid sectors of the BPO industry. But the involvement of the nursing fraternity in the Medical Transcription sector of India is not happening at all. A vast majority of the nursing fraternity tends to stick to their areas of profession and rarely venture beyond it. They are not aware of the benefits that Medical Transcription offers either as an alternate profession or as a part time one to supplement their income.

MVM Suma Institute of Nursing Sciences is introducing Medical Transcription as an optional subject to their students and also commenced the operations of an MT wing that will undertake contracts of overseas medical transcription projects to enable their students to earn while they learn. At present the Institute offers a three and a half year course in general nursing & midwifery and four year course in B.Sc Nursing. Never before in the history of Nursing Education in India, or as a matter of fact even in the whole of Asia has the concept of Earn while you learn option been given to the nursing students. MVM SUMA Institute of Nursing Sciences is the first Institute to bring the "Earn While you Learn" concept into nursing education circle.

The idea behind this is to promote education and encourage students from economically backward and rural areas of Karnataka to take up nursing as a profession. Students from the rural areas of Karnataka shy away from such professional courses as they lack the required qualifications needed to pursue them. Another factor is the monetary difficulties.

The northeastern states of India are seeing a spurt of violence as youngsters with a lot of energy and zest are turning into drug addicts, gangsters and terrorists because their energy and talents could not be chanalised in the right direction. And the reason is poverty. These children could not pursue their education due to paucity of funds. Many of these youngsters would have been better citizens if they were offered a way out of their rabid environment.

Now speaking of the students of Kerala, most of them are from economically weaker sections or rustic backgrounds who have taken loans to complete their nursing education.

So, the Medical Transcription course enables students to start earning right from the 2nd year of their 3 to 4 year courses. The Medical Transcription course is being taught at a very low fee to facilitate this.

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