Nurses, Earn while you Learn

The motive of the Board of Trustees behind this noble gesture is to make this dominant and career - oriented course affordable and accessible to the students of the lower strata of the society, especially to the poor students of rural Karnataka. Of course, these courses are open to others also. But the primary target is the weaker or deprived sections of the society. By giving them a chance to earn while they learn, enables them to complete their education without being a burden to their family.

Another important factor is that the majority of the students who opt for nursing as a profession are women. This venture is also aimed at uplifting women of economically backward and rural areas of Karnataka and other states. by giving them comprehensive education in an income generating study environment will enable them to finance and self support their pursuance of a professional degree.

Says Mrs Mangala Bharathi, one of the Managing Trustees of the MVM Suma Institute of Nursing Sciences, "I became a professional after my marriage and also after becoming a mother. Iknow the importance of an independent income to supplement the family kitty". She further reiterates "generating a comfortable income ensures a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family".

The Medical Transcription course taught here will be structured to transcribe discharge summaries, history and physical examination reports, operative reports, consultation reports, autopsy reports, diagnostic imaging studies, progress and referral letters that become a part of the patients' permanent files. This will not be a cumbersome task or a burden to these nursing students as they are familiar with the medical jargon and abbreviations, which are a part of the nursing syllabus. These students also have a keen understanding of the medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology and treatment assessments that gives them the edge over the candidates from other streams.

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